Where to Train and Obtain a Drone Pilot License in America

 The growing popularity of drones has led to an increased demand for skilled drone pilots. Whether you aspire to fly drones for commercial purposes or simply for recreational enjoyment, obtaining a drone pilot license is essential. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) governs the regulations and requirements for operating drones. This article will guide you through some of the top training facilities across America where you can learn to fly drones and obtain your drone pilot license.

  1. Unmanned Vehicle University (UVU) – Phoenix, Arizona: Unmanned Vehicle University is a renowned institution that offers comprehensive training programs for aspiring drone pilots. With both online and on-site courses, UVU provides a range of programs tailored to different skill levels and interests. Their curriculum covers various topics, including airspace regulations, flight planning, drone operations, and maintenance. Students can acquire both Part 107 remote pilot licenses and advanced certificates.
  2. DartDrones: DartDrones is a leading training provider with multiple locations across the United States. They offer comprehensive drone pilot courses suitable for both beginners and advanced users. DartDrones’ instructors are experienced professionals who guide students through various aspects of drone operations, safety protocols, and FAA regulations. Additionally, they provide hands-on flight training and support to ensure students gain practical skills and confidence.
  3. SkyOp – Syracuse, New York: Located in Syracuse, New York, SkyOp specializes in training individuals for commercial drone operations. They offer a range of courses, including their flagship “Drone Pilot Boot Camp.” This intensive program covers all aspects of drone flight, focusing on real-world scenarios and applications. SkyOp also provides custom training for organizations and offers specialized courses for public safety agencies, agriculture, and construction industries.
  4. Unmanned Safety Institute (USI) – Orlando, Florida: The Unmanned Safety Institute, based in Orlando, Florida, is dedicated to providing comprehensive training and certifications for drone pilots. They offer programs designed for both individuals and organizations, covering various aspects of drone flight, regulations, and safety protocols. USI’s courses are recognized by the FAA, and successful completion leads to the awarding of a Part 107 remote pilot certificate.
  5. DARTdrones Public Safety: DARTdrones also offers specialized training for public safety professionals, such as police officers, firefighters, and search and rescue personnel. Their Public Safety UAS Program focuses on utilizing drones effectively in emergency situations and critical missions. The training covers topics like incident response, risk assessment, and specific flight maneuvers required in public safety operations.
  6. AviSight – Houston, Texas: AviSight, located in Houston, Texas, provides professional drone pilot training programs for various industries, including energy, infrastructure, and utilities. Their courses cover technical aspects of drone operations, as well as industry-specific applications and regulations. AviSight’s instructors are industry experts who bring their experience and knowledge to the training sessions, preparing students for real-world challenges.


Obtaining a drone pilot license in America requires thorough training and understanding of FAA regulations. The training facilities mentioned above offer excellent programs designed to equip aspiring drone pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge. Whether you are interested in commercial applications or flying drones for recreational purposes, these training institutes provide a solid foundation for your drone piloting journey. Remember, responsible and safe drone operation is crucial to the continued growth and positive impact of this exciting technology.


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